Sabine Kacunko is an extraordinary alchemist, versed in photography, video, installation and performance, her artistic motivation rooted not only in the diverse facets of the visual arts, but also in a dialogue with biological, chemical and medical phenomena. Her iconography is not one of chance finds, nor the ‘one-to-one’ reproduction of natural aesthetic phenomena, but rather the result of an artistic transformation in which, by changing the medium and format as coordinates, space, time, organic fragility and conceptual rigour enter into a remarkable blend. Her installations, for all their visual and technical detachment, always stir the viewer’s intellectual and sensual sensibility. Cristiane Fricke

The works of Sabine Kacunko offer little aesthetic prettification, nor are they  the abstracted products of an artistic imagination running riot. Rather, Kacunko  seeks merely to draw our attention, which is all too frequently diverted by technology and high political ideas, to a perfectly normal, naturally occurring   phenomenon – what is already there, unseen and, in the eyes of the artist, wrongly uncelebrated. In bridging the gap between science and art, Kacunko sees herself almost as an activist in the public domain, a  spokesperson for a better way of living with and within our world. Above all, it is  an immaculately executed study in natural behavior, which, although lacking in the warming tones of a David Attenborough voiceover, inspires a similar sense of  wonderment to the old ecologist’s mesmeric documentaries. We see when the microscopic is used to shed light on the macroscopic. Arty Froushan